I'm only just starting to use bundles in ZCM so have a couple of questions.

1) Registry Edit action in Install and Launch - is there any difference ? E.g. I just want to push a reg key to a machine, does it matter which one I use ? They both seem to have RE action .. I'm currently using Install and it's doing what I want but ..

2) I need to put a shortcut to a website on user's desktop, I was going to add an .lnk file doing something like "iexplore.exe http://mysite" ( as it needs to be open IE even if other web browers may be available on the client ). When trying to use "Install File(s)" action under Install I cannot upload an .lnk file - it tries to upload the target file instead ( which in my case is iexplorer.exe ), not even if I manually type in the path to the .lnk file ( that just gives me a no such file error ).

So I've renamed a local copy of my .lnk to .txt, added it this way then scripted "ren ie.txt ie.lnk". That worked, I've got my shortcut on the desktop ( and it even gets the right icon for IE ) .. however if I happen to run ( sorry, install ) the same bundle again I end up with an extra .txt file .. as the script is very basic and obviously doesn't check if .lnk already exists on that client. So once .txt is copied it cannot rename it anymore ..

Anyway, I'm sure there's an easier way but I'd probably rather not go down the whole app launcher path at this point, hence my question if that's at all possible to add .lnk files through the bundle ( or is it just me ).