We are getting ready to open a remote office in another city. The
office will start as 4-5 people and grow to about 20 in the next
of years.

Up until this point, our WAN is frame relay with all Internet/Email
access to the WAN being provided by a single BM3.7 server at the mainlocation. The remote locations do not have their own Internet
They receive their Internet access from the main office via the sole
BM3.7 server.

I would like to run my configuration plans by the forum and make sure
am on the right track.

1. We plan to install SBC Yahoo DSL 768k down/256k upload as the
Internet access.

2. I plan to install a single Netware 6 server. The server will be
main data server as well as the BM3.7 server for that location.

3. I plan to use a site to site VPN.

A few questions:

1. Is it better to create an OU in our existing tree for the remote
office and place all objects for that office (including the server) in

that OU ? or should I use a seperate tree ?

I do plan to partition the OU and place the Master Replica on the
office server with R/W replicas at the main office. The partitions
would sync via the site to site VPN.

2. Are there any problems using SBC Yahoo DSL ? We will have staticIPs.

3. In our existing configuration, we have one Groupwise GWIA and post

offices at the remote offices that communicate over the frame relay
WAN. May I just place a POA and MTA at the new remote office and have

the MTA communicate (over the VPN) back to the main office's GWIA in
order to have email access and allow them to use our same email domain

name ?

4. Are there any draw-backs to using a site to site VPN ?

5. Is there an easy way to test the new server's VPN setup by testing

it at our main office before it is moved and installed at the remote
office ?

I do appreciate any feedback or suggestions.