I'm setting up a test server/network at my home in prepartion to
replacing a
current leased line with a VPN within the company. At home I have a
Speedtouch 510 v4 router on a fixed ip address. Last night I
configured the
slave server with the public and tunnel ipaddress and BM would not
the public ip address. The address is along the lines of 69.3.561.32
upon speaking to my isp its subnet mask is, which
will not have. I have a very limited understanding of tcp and subnets
so I
tried changing the subnet to be Again unpon boucing
vpslave.nlm the audit.log tells me that "the network address is
invalid" vpn
control error 105. I have tried giving VPNCFG a public address on my
subnet and it works fine (
I have all ports from the router NATed through to my server.

Any ideas?

Matt Hudson,
Principle Network and Communications Officer,
Burnley Borough Council.
CNA 6/5/4, CNE 5/4.