(We do have: BorderManager 3.6 sp1, Netware 5.1 sp5, VPN client 3.7,
client 4.83 sp1, Windows 2000)
We have established a PC in a customers office behind his firewall.
it was behind their firewall it worked nicely)
I have asked them to open for the following taking from a TID:
allow inbound and outbound traffic through:
-tcp port 353
-udp port 353
-udp port 2010
-ip protocol ID 57

After this - we can connect from the PC to our site with no problem.
when we try to access ressources behind BM we get: "server do not
respond"(Notes) and we cannot login with the Novell-client.

Their firewall administrator says that the ports are open but only
from inside (thats our PC) and he asks if it could be a problem we
have with

Do you have a sugestion or perhaps a solution?

Thanks in advance,