I had two vSphere 4 virtual machines running OES2 SP2. I ran snapshots on both servers. One upgraded with no problem and shows six software catalogs in "Installation Source" (OES2-SP3-Pool,Updates - SLES10-SP3-Pool,Updates - OES2-SP3-CD and SLES10-SP3-DVD).

The second server is running GroupLink eHD (pre-production). Did the channel upgrade and when it rebooted I received the error message that it couldn't connect to "OES2-SP3-Online." I did a few things to troubleshoot then reverted back to the snapshot and ran the Novell Customer Center Config again. All came up no problem. Then I re-ran the OES2-SP3 upgrade from Online Update and all went well even through the reboot.

What isn't well is that this second server only lists four software catalogs in the "Installation Source" utility. The OES2SP3CD, SLES10SP3DVD and the SLES10-SP3-Pool, Updates. There is nothing in there for OES2-SP3. I re-ran the Novell Customer Center Configuration utility from YaST but it didn't update the software catalogs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.