Got this bundle set up for testing and I had three computers assigned to it. It has failed on one of them and now this bundle has "message status: normal, bundle status: bundle enforcement failed on one or more items".

The one that is has failed on has since been unassigned from the bundle and does not appear under "relationships - device assignmets". It is however listed under "devices failed" and "effective" - why, shouldn't it have been removed from effective at least ? I can see "failed / succeeded" being historical data. Help page says : "Devices Effective: Displays the number of devices on which the bundle is effective through a user or device assignment." Now that device assignment is no more one could read it so that as long as the device is assigned and meets sys requirements it is also effective. I guess it doesn't cease being effective once it's unassigned.

So .. my question is how do I clear the bundle status once the device with the error is gone ? Do I have to "uninstall" that bundle on that device or something ? But what if I still want those changes from the bundle to remain on that machine, just want to "acknowledge" the error for the bundle status to turn green.