I'm doing a VPN Client 2 Site setup in the Netherlands, which is not
off the ground....

BM 3.7 SP2 /FP3 attached to hub on the public side.
Also attached to hub Netopia Router R910 with Alcatel ST510iv4 in
ADSL through KPN in the Netherlands (= named MXStream) requires a PPTP

connection from the
subscriber PC to their network 'through' the ADSL modem (which is
the bridge).
So if you want to attach several PC's to an ADSL link you have to set
up one
PC with 2 NIC's to act as a router and have that PC setup an (i.e. MS

Windows) PPTP link to the MXStream network, and the other NIC as a
LAN address with the other PC's attached to it.

Therefore I choose to have the Netopia R910 to do the PPTP logging-in'through' the Alcatel ST510i on MXStream. That works fine. BM3.7 set
up and
all services running as requested. But then the VPN part.

So the Netopia has an private address range address (10.X.X.X) as well
the BorderManager.
Also on the same hub is an NT4 SP6a WS with the Novell Client 4.83SP2
the latest VPN client installed.

If i try to logon from the NT4 WS it does everything fine (name
of the BM Server and the login script is processed) I even can connect
websites on the Internet through the bordermanager server.

But if I try this from an WS attached through the Internet to the
address of the ADSL subscription then I can have name resolution but
login connection.

I have read everything I can lay my hands upon, from Craig Johnson's
to many forum articles and everything in the BorderManager
documentation as
well as the Novell Knowledge base.

What strikes me most is that there is no info at all about
through ADSL (PPTP) connection setup. Not in the NSBS 5 & 6 Quick
Guides. Most of the BM and ADSL info seems to focus on PPPoE

Is there anybody (preferably in the Netherlands) who has experience
BorderManager and MXStream set up regarding VPN - am I really the only
trying to set this up?

I have pinpointed my options to these 3 problem areas (correct me if
- NAT through the PPTP profile in the Netopia router to logon intoMXStream network.
- PPTP to ST510i (without Netopia) from BM 3.7 <Is this at all
as in Win2K server ?>
- An extra public address from our ISP which is bound to the public

interface of the BM Server.

What would be your advice, for the simplest (and perhaps quickest)
to solve this issue?

Many thanx in advance for your time to help me solve this matter,

Kind regards,

J de Vries