We are experiencing errors sending mail using groups in shared address book that contain internet address of local distribution list defined in consoleone.
Error message: Some addresses are undeliverable and have been crossed out. Or mail is sent with no recipent inside (it ignores all those kind of addresses)

Steps to reproduce:
I have distribution list defined in edirectory called INFO that has assigned internet address info@localdomain.com and has several members.
localdomain.com is in Tools/GW System Operations/Internet addressing as preffered domain. Internet agent is also correctly set.

create new group Test in personal addressbook or new addressbook for sharing
create new contact info@localdomain.com
make it member of Test group
compose new mail addressed to Test group and send it

In sent mail folder there is our message with no recipient inside ...

Can anybody help? Its quite annoying. I tried to add Object ID, Network ID, Account ID to address book field in domain settings and rebuild postoffice database. No result ...

Groupwise: 8.0.2 HP2
Client version: 8.0.2 (92614)

Thanks in advance
Tomas Tikovsky