I am trying to set this up (first time I've done this). Server is
NSBS6SP2 with BM36. I have followed the instructions in the
documentation for setting up the master vpn server and then installing

the vpn client onto the remote Win2k PC.

When I try to log in using the VPN I get the 'Failed processing
encrypted network packet error'. I have tried all the solutions I can

find in TIDs but nothing makes any difference.

Internet access from the BM server is via an ADSL router. The publicinterface on the BM server has IP and the ADSL LAN
interface is

The documentation is a little confusing when it discusses the VPN
IP address - does this need to be on its own subnet? I've tried
addresses on the same subnet as the public address, the same subnet as

the BM server private address and a completely unique subnet. I still

get the same error message when connecting.

I have configured some port forwarding in the ADSL router. I have
forwarded TCP/353, UDP/353, UDP/2010 and TCP/213 to the BM server
IP. Do I have to configure any port forwarding to the VPN Tunnel IP?Are there any other ports that BM VPN needs?

I have run the master VPN server config several times and removed theconfig between each. I am sure that when I first did it Inetcfg
a board for the IPTUNNEL and bindings to it. The IPTUNNEL board no
longer appears in Inetcfg. Should it? What should I expect to see in


The ADSL router is a Solwise SAR705 and is on Craig's list of routersknown to work with BM.