The time has come to get some new Web Design software...

In the past I have used DreamWeaver but for what I am seeking to do now in
conjunction with others who are far less savvy means that DreamWeaver is
probably not the best option either technically (because of its complexity
and lack of quick tools for the beginners) or on cost ~ very expensive in

My inclination is directed towards XsitePro but, I thought I would sound out
you Guys and Gals first.

The primary development use is for a Not for profit, handling membership
applications, fees, donations, e-payments (CC, DC, and PayPal), records. A
web based members only discussion forum. Published Document Download, an
upload area. Mobile Browsing alternative. RSS feeds, &c... All pretty
standard stuff.

Any thoughts, ideas, or comments gratefully received.


Simon Bolingbroke
(To quote NCCI ~ Do you remember him? ;-)