we are using ZCM 10.3.1 and are deploying Windows 7 German 32 bit with ZCM. We do an unattended install and install the ZCM-Agent during installation. The agent-installation is successful and after a reboot the Bundles should be installed. But this does not work.
We are getting the error "Could not add bundle GUID to session" in the agent-log and "BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle {GUID}" in ZCC for each assigned Bundle(about 40 bundles are assigned). In the bundle-properties page of the agent there are no bundles shown. If i do a manual refresh of the device the agent begins to download the bundles immediately and shows them up on the property page. I'm quite sure that this worked in the past. I installed the FTF "ZCM10.3.1 Bundles and policies do not apply if you login too soon - see TID 7007169" but this did not help. I don't want to install 10.3.2 because we are planning an Upgrade to ZCM 11.
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,