We are planning on moving from ZenWorks 7 to ZCM11. I have installed ZCM 11 Server and are testing the ZenWorks Agent on our Workstations first. They are Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, 8gb ram, AMD Phenom X6 3.2Ghz CPU.

DLU works if you signin within a few minutes after the computer boots. It will hang at the "Novell Login Succeeded" if you leave it at the login screen or logout and try to log back in.

Internet Explorer will not load. Control Panel will not load. HTML emails in GroupWise will not load. CorelDraw X4 File Menu Freezes. Possibly other issues but those I know of. All symptoms disappear after uninstalling ZenWorks agent.

Made sure we installed the x86_64 client.

Testing it on a XP box appears to be working fine.