I'm on GW8 SP2 (not hot patch yet). I had a user that has recently had massive issues with the search feature - to the point it was completely unusable. To give something a try he went on a massive archive mission, removed his cabinet structure (huge number of folders - would actually take IMAP upwards of 10 minutes to list them all) and cleaned everything out. Got him down to 8 inbox, 1 outbox, and 8 note items. Ran a couple of sequences of Analyze Fix and then finally did a Structural Rebuild.

The structural rebuild said it was able to successfully recover 70883 of 70883 records (huh?).
His user db file went down massively (124MB to 22MB). But we were expecting 20 records or so.. maybe 100KB on the user db file?

A rough count would tell us that the 70883 would roughly equate back to every message he has ever archived. So does GroupWise keep some sort of counter that says "yeah I had a message but it's been archived". Or is it possible I got something else still going on.