I've installed BM37SP2 on NW6SP3 with 2 NIC (Public and Private.)

In the BM I've configured PROXY, NAT, FILTERS, VPN (client-site),

I have two desktops at a remote location (running W2K PRO all patches

installed, ADSL/ connected to a LINKSYS switch/router) to test the VPN
I'm getting the following results:

1- Desktop A (Novell Client v4.83 SP2 + VPN Client 3.7.2)

When I start the PC, from the Novell Client login prompt, I select
location = VPN Lan, enter the proper data, click OK and I get the
message: "Failed to connect to the authentication gateway either
xx.xx.xx.xx is an invalid VPN server address or the authentication
is not loaded on the VPN server"

To resume, I log in "workstation only".

When local login is finished, I try to login using the LAN VPN login
the VPN Client)and I get the following:
OK - Authenticate NetWare user
OK - Enable IP encryption
Fail - NetWare Login -- error: "The tree or server cannot be found
a different server or tree"

2- Desktop B (VPN Client 3.7.2 ONLY)

When local login is finished, I login using the LAN VPN login (from
VPN Client)with NO errors.
Launch "Novell VPN Statistics" from the system tray and I can see the

active time, server ip address, local ip address, etc.
However, I cannot ping any ip address (public, private, tunnel) of my

network in the office. I disable filters and I still have the same

Note that if I disable ip filters in the BM, and disconnect the VPN
the desktop, I can ping the public ip addresses, if I get a VPN
connection I cannot ping anymore.

All my servers have a default route pointing to the BM.

Any suggestions?