We have a fine, long-working client-to-site VPN setup but I saw very
strange behavior from it a few days ago at a client's home. After wemake our VPN connection, we use pcAnywhere to control 192.168.x.x
machines over IP.

pcAnywhere supports x.x.x.255 as an address, bringing up a list of all

pcAnywhere Host machines it can find, and this functionality has
worked fine, but at this one remote location, I could only see 4 out
approxmiately 10 machines I knew were out there.

The odd thing was that those 4 had static IP addresses while the ones
couldn't see were handled by DHCP. Our DHCP addresses have a 17-day
timeout so they're functionally the same as our static ones, but I
cannot figure out why only the statically assigned ones showed up. We

use x.x.x.11-20 for static workstation addresses and x.x.x.50 and
for DHCP so it's easy to tell what you're seeing.

I had someone check from another client site at the same time, which
worked fine - only this one site shows this strange behavior.
has absolutely no idea about this (of course!).

If I attempt to connect directly to one of the addresses in question,e.g., 192.168.x.58, it works just fine, though, so the problem isn't a

complete show-stopper but it is, nonetheless, puzzling. And the
x.x.x.58 address is always pingable over the VPN.

Anyone have any ideas?