We are starting to add satellite servers to our zone. As we have added them, I noticted that most of the specificed content was not being replicated to the new Sat servers.

After messing with with it for a couple of days I found that configuring the content replication at the folder lever for bundles was not working. If I went to each bundle (or selected multiple bundles) then Action>Specify Content Server.. and added the bundle to each Sat that way, replication would proceed on the Sat's right away (after a 'zac ref').

The policy replication (DLU, Group, Printer...) did NOT seem to have this problem. Any policy folders replicate fine.

'Zac cvc' shows no errors. However, 'zac cdi ss' (showing sync status and what content is syncing) does show that content NOT specified to sync to a given Sat server IS still being replicated. Example:
Two sites SP and CV. Both have a Sat server. SP Sat has SP's content replicated. CV Sat has CV content AND SP's, even thought SP's content is not supposed to goto CV.

This is not a game breaker, we can work around. I just wanted to throw these 2 issues out there so people are aware!

ZCM 10.3.1
SLES 10 and 11 Primaries (2)
SLES 11 sp1 and OES 2 Sats.