I will be setting up a BM 3.7 server at a remote location soon and
like to test it from my location before making the trip to the remoteoffice.

The main office is using a setup similar to / remote office will be using /

I want to go ahead and setup the BM server with the public IP and theprivate 10.0.2.x IP at my office and test this before installing at
remote office.

I assume I can't just assign an IP address of to my server
is connected to a 10.0.1.x network, so I would expect I need a router
bridge the two network subnets.

What is the easiest way to do this ?

Can I just go out to Best Buy and purchase a DSL/Cable router and have

it be the bridge for my two network setups ? It seems to me that most

of the cheap routers use 192.168.x.x and not 10.x.x.x for their IP
addresses. Are there any brands out there that would allow me to use10.x.x.x ?

I have Cisco switches. Could I setup a virtual network to accomplishthis ?

Also, since I will be at our main location and using a public IP for
that location, what is the easiest method to test the public side of
BM server ? Is it easy to change the address later without causing
problems, or should I just wait until it is at the remote office and
the final public IP address ?