I have a nw6 server with bm36sp2 installed. I am trying to set up
client to
site vpn access from my home. I have followed the instructions in
book and I am still having problems.
First here are the details...
My server has 2 nics installed...
the public IP is addressed X.X.48.180 no router
the private IP is behind router
vptunnel is IP

The default route in inetcfg - X.X.48.177 ISP and this the ISP

I have client to site enabled in nwadmin, i have created access rules
border manager and I have created the login policy.
Additionally after installing bm36 I did the standard brdcfg and

Here is my error -
When I try to login the following events occur

1.) It authenticates
2.) Enable IP encryption
3.) Then it starts performing netware login and gives me an error that
cant find the tree or server

If I try to connect with "login to netware" unchecked then it goes
the above steps and then says connection setup is complete.

In nwadmin it shows a connection for my machine in NWADMIN but I can
not see
the tree or run scripts.

I am new to border manager and hope that someone can help me resolve