I have a new NW6 SP2 with BM3.6 SP2 and TCPIP06P. In an attempt to
the site to site VPN I receive the following error at the console.
servers appear to be connecting to the VPN site, or at least the
configuration is being updated and I receive the connection info
before it
disconnects. When I start INETCFG the VPTUNNEL is disabled. I have
the VPN configuration and recreated it after deleting the CSL.DAT,
and NLSPSTAT.CFG file.

Here is the error. Any ideas?????
Information for WAN call VPTUNNEL@x.x.x.x was found in NLSPSTAT.CFG,
matching information was found in the CSL database. Information for
this WAN
call entry will be ignored. This can occur when configuring WAN calls
low memory conditions.