I may be missing something here, so please forgive me if i'm being an idiot.

We have 2 sites, site A and site B. Each site has a server, server A and server B. All the clients on each site are set to primarily use their local server using the closest server rules.

Now, when it comes to remote controlling client machines, most of the IT Staff are at site A, so they use the ZCC on Server A. However, it would appear that using ZCC on server A, we can't remote control people on site B, because the clients on site B only have the certificate for server B. If we then switch to using ZCC on server B, we're back in business. The inverse however is also true, so if using server B, we can't control people on server A.

Is this normal behaviour? I don't really want to tell people that they'll need to have multiple versions of ZCC open depending on who they are supporting, when it's all in the same zone. Is there some "install all certificates on managed devices" option I'm missing?