I have read several of the post that state issues similar to what I am
seeing, but there are some inconsistences that don't map back directly
to my problem, so here it goes.

I have a workstation that connects to our VPN server from a remote
site, via a cable modem connection. The workstation is connected directly
to the cable modem. The workstation has no difficulties accessing the =internet from the cable modem and can communicate with the VPN server
at our corporate office (ie ping). When the user uses the VPN client to
initiate a connection, they authenticate just fine, create the tunnel,
and then cannot communicate with any systems, external or internal to the
corporate network. The workstation is a Windows NT 4.0 box with sp6a
running the latest VPN client 3.7. The backend or server software is
running BM 3.6 sp2a. They are receiving a valid IP address for their

This user is the only one having issues. I even went so far as to
take the user's workstation to my home, put it on my own cable connection,
and it worked flawlessly. I have a different provider than the user with
the issues, but they use the same provider as other users that are not experiencing the problem. I have contacted the provider's technical
support folks, but they are telling me that there are no issues on
their end.

Anyone have any ideas?