Hopefully this is in the correct forum. It's a VPN question and a
6 license question.

We are adding a remote office. I'll call it REMOTE. Our main office
be MAIN. I'll call the .O of our tree TREEROOT

We plan to use a BM3.7 VPN for the connection.

The users in .OU=REMOTE.O=TREEROOT need to be able to access files
the MAIN office and visa versa, so I do have a need to span our tree
the VPN connection. We have the need to printer over the VPN too.

We currently have five offices running over a frame relay WAN setup
this is the first site to site VPN we will have on the network.

All of my Netware 6 licenses (250 block + 100 block + 50 block = 400)
all located in O=TREEROOT. Since the tree is searched upwards, I have
my licenses in the root of the tree.

The Remote server is located in .OU=REMOTE.O=TREEROOT and this OU is partitioned out with the Master partition on the remote server and two

R/W's on servers in the main office.

My question:

1. Do I need to place replicas of the [Root] partition on the remote

server since my Netware 6 licenses are location in the .O=TREEROOT org

unit ?

2. This remote office only needs about 25 Netware 6 licenses. Can I
some of my existing licenses from .O=TREEROOT to .OU=REMOTE.O=TREEROOT

(even though they are part of a block of licenses) ?