Hello! I'm Razvan, programmer from România, and I am new to GroupWise development.

I am asking if anyone could help me with a C# Visual Studio 2010 example of how to install and consume GroupWise Web Service (SOAP).

The documentation from novell site didn't help me, i didn't understant much of it.

All I need is either a link to a documented GroupWise C# developer step-by-step tutorial, or some code examples.

Can you please show me some code examples in C# with:

1)loging in using a username and a password,
2)retrieving contact list,
3)retrieving appointment list,
4)sending a mail,
5)setting an appointment

I don't know how to use "groupwise.wsdl" and customise it so that it points to our GroupWise server.

Please, I really need this because I am working at a project right now which involves GroupWise integration.

I hope I haven't disturbed anyone with my simple question.
I know this might be a very simple question given the complexity of the other posts here, but that's why I really hope I will get an answer soon.

Thank you very much!


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