Hi there,
Using SLES10.3/OES2/Zen10.3

Wanted to do some imaging today, and when I pressed crtl-alt to get the Zenworks Imaging preboot screen, I noticed it took a bit longer than usual to appear. Once I selected maintenance mode it eventually showed a screen which said "no network device found, load a network module first". Tried on different computers, same thing. Tried on much older computers and it worked fine.
I did notice at one point after I select maintenance mode and the loading starts, at one point before the SUSE gui screen appears there is a line on the screen saying "Sucess: unloaded Di-NIC!" which I don't think was there before... but I could be wrong.

The worksations use MSI P8-7526 motherboards.

Any ideas? It was working find the other day.