I am working on a server that will be moved to a remote office and
communicate back to our main office over a site to site VPN.

The users in both offices have the need to access files, printing,
in the other office, so I have decided to create a partition for the office and place it in my existing tree.

For sake of argument, the tree is MYTREE. The Org Unit is
Our main office is .OU=MAIN.O=CORPORATE, and the new office

O=CORPORATE is part of the [Root] partition, but none of the replicas

The .OU=REMOTE.O=CORPORATE is also partitioned and the Master replica
on NEWSERVER with R/W replicas on servers located at the main office.
Before moving the server to the new (REMOTE) office, I decided to
it on it's own small LAN and configure the network setups and test.

What I found is that if I use ConsoleOne to access objects in the tree

(MYTREE), I can't get past .O=CORPORATE because the [Root] partition
not have a replica on NEWSERVER.

Now, CAT has told me in another post not to replicate the [Root]
over the VPN link, so there is not a replica of [Root] on NEWSERVER,
a replica of REMOTE.CORPORATE. This causes problems, such as
not being able to expand to the .REMOTE.CORPORATE folder
and .ADMIN.CORPORATE not being available. (I added a local ADMIN to REMOTE.CORPORATE in order to have local ADMIN rights).

So, my question(s):

1. Should I place a Read Only replica of [Root] on REMOTE.CORPORTATE
that I can walk the tree when the VPN link is down ? When I say walk,
mean from Root to CORPORATE to REMOTE. Without CORPORATE, I can't get

from Root to REMOTE.

2. Is it better to setup the Remote server in a seperate tree and
the trees once the VPN link is established ? If so, how do I rename
tree and O=CORPORATE units on the NEWSERVER without having to scrap
all my
work and start over ?

3. Should I just not worry about it and see if establishing the VPN
takes care of my problems ? Still, if the VPN link is down, I want
office to be functional.