VPN server BM 3.7 SP2 (NW6 SP3 with RW replica)
VPN client workstation with Win98SE, VPN client 3.7.2, NWclient 3.32
(SLP scope and DA set)
Dial-up VPN connection
No BM authentication rules applied yet
In VPN config, all IP networks are protected
NetWare login as Admin

Establishing VPN tunnel works OK.
In the VPN login "Server ip address" field, I enter the VPN servers
IP Address" as configured in VPNCFG.
The NetWare login-script starts, and I get attatched to the BM37 (VPN)

The login-script result window says: You are attached to server FWHK
is the BM37 VPN server).
Then errors appear - all mappings to other servers in the loginscript
On all mappings to other servers, the error says:
"LOGIN-LGNW9532.DLL-890:The specified server is unknown"
I can't authenticate to any other server than the VPN-server itself.
After closing the login-script window, the VPN client status confirms"NetWare login completed".

Then I try to map drives manually, via red N. I can browse to a
server/volume, but accessing a volume, shows nothing (no directories).

When trying to map a volume root, the error message says: "The path
not be found".
I can also browse the NDS from my Novell-client login-dialog, but I
authenticate to any chosen server.
I can also browse the NDS in Windows Explorer, but no servers other
than the
VPN-server itself are accessable.
From the VPN-server I can copy files to the VPN-client workstation.

Establishing VPN tunnel works OK
NetWare login starts OK
Attach to the VPN server itself OK
Authentication to all aother servers fails

Must PIM run on the BM37 VPN server?
What are the SLP settings for scope/DA on the Novell-client at the VPN

client workstation?
Normally these SLP settings points directly to the DA server on the
LAN, but
for the VPN clients, TID 10011002 says that this shall point to the BM

VPN-servers private interface. Is this the BM VPN-servers private LANaddress?
What can be wrong here - only authenticating to servers other than the

VPN-server remains...?