I'm attemping to connect to a BM3.7 server running novell small
suite 5.1 with all the latest patches, including the patches for
Manager. I have on the laptop window 2000 & win98 se. I can connect
login in using win98 with ipx enabled; however if I try IP only, I can

connect but I can't login (unable to find tree or server). I have ran
vpn client (version bm37vpn3) in IP only (using win2000) and I
Then I bring up the novell client to login in & I type in the public
address of the server and I'm not able to login in (can't find tree or

server). I'm not able to ping the server's ip address or the server's
however I have the BM filters configured so that is not possible to
do. But
at the same time my understanding is that the filters play no part
once you
have connected to the BM server. I do have in the hosts file (of thelaptop) the publice IP address of the server and the server's name.
help is greatly apprectiated.