Forgive me for asking stupid questions but, what is the preferred upgrade path for physical Netware 6.5 sp8 boxes to Virtual (VM Ware) Linux based systems?

We have SLES 11 running several of our Novell related products (Datasync, Reload) so are familiar with SLES 10 and 11. Is OES2 required in order to "keep" Netware or can you use SLES?

Is the new Netware the same as as we know it but instead of a DOS backbone it is now Linux based? OR, is OES2 the "new" Netware, using Trees and Containers, etc., and therefore we must load OES2 on our Virtual boxes?

We like SLES 11 because we are using the version provided by VM Ware, tailored for their underlying OS but could easily load up some OES boxes.

What I haven't been able to find is HOW one would load "Netware" as we know it, on to a SLES box so I am left assuming that OES2 IS the new Netware whic, again, is fine if not abundantly clear to my naive and simple mind.

Further, it is our intention to use the Netware Migration Wizard to migrate from Physical to virtual, in whatever form the virtual system may take. Has anyone had experience migrating just the "brains" / NDS portion of the server and then using backup software to RESTORE the data?

We back up trustees, etc., so this should work once the server is migrated. Any caveats to this process if we are jumping from Netware on DOS to Netware on linux?

I know it's a lot, but I appreciate your responses!