I've got iPrint (and iFolder) running on a very old piece of hardware that in the upcoming months I am planning in virtualizing. Since this server was one of my original SLES test and deployments I have some things configured in a way which isn't going to make this migration easy...at least I think.

For instance, my iPrint partition was set up as NSS, which the VMWare migration tool won't recognize for moving it to a virtual platform, my SLES is still 10.2, OES is still 2 SP2, and my iPrint services is still on whichever version *just* allowed Windows 7 support.

I've seen the server migration tool in action before and am hoping that it will help me out in my situation, but wanted to confirm a couple of things first. Will I need to upgrade my old server/services to the newer versions that I would like to run when I move to the VM? Will the migration tool move the iPrint stores to the new server even though the originals are on NSS and I'm not sure what I'm going to do on the new one yet? Are there any major gotchas that I should be aware of before I attempt this migration? I am planning on setting up a test environment mirroring my environment as a proof of concept only from workstation to workstation instead of server to VM.