Hello NG

We work with ZCM 11 and the workstations are windows 7 with SP1

Now for my Imageprocedure i configured the workstation that it should login

I activated the autologin for Windows as user "admin" and i activated also
the autologin for NDS as user "NDSUsr"

On next reboot, Windows automatically does login as admin into windows 7 and
successfully authenticate to NDS with NDSUsr. Unfortunately the Zenworks
Agent shows me, that no user is logged in. In other workds, the ZCM Agent
doesn't pick the NDS Name for authenticate to ZCM.
When i authenticate manually trough the ZCM Agend it works. But normally the
ZCM Agend should pick the authentication from the Novell Client.

Why this? Is there a registry parameter that should be enabled?

Thanks in advance for your help