Greetings, I'm looking at a fresh Win7 machine that I just installed the GW8SP2HP2 client (using the gw802_hp2_client_win_multi.exe installer), this install is at a remote computer hence is only in remote mode. The option in the menu under ACCOUNTS - SEND/RETRIEVE is missing the sub-menu which allows you to bring up the GROUPWISE OPTIONS dialog box (if for instance you want to update rules or an address book or change the range of dates, ...), and also in the toolbar customization the related icon is missing?

Why would this be? Any tips on how I can get these back?

Note on another Win7 machine that had previously installed GW8SP1HP1 and now has GW8SP2HP2, these options are there - however this was installed from an SDD and initially ran in ONLINE mode. Another remote Vista machine that had GW8SP1HP1 before and now has GW8SP2HP2 also (never touched the SDD) has the options.

Appreciate any tips on this, thanks!