Not a Novell support question AT ALL <g>.

If you were to start fresh today with a FREE virtualization product that will be
used primary for Linux guests (but will have some WIndows), would you do:

1. Citrix XEN
2. Novell XEN
3. Novell KVM
4. Free VMWare vSphere Hypervisor?

I'm looking at a minimum of 2 VM servers plus a storage location (SAN). I've
seen the free tools for VMWare and Citrix, and just from an administration
standpoint, Citrix seems to blow VMWare away. But Kevin Hurni, for example, has
told me sad stories about Citrix. So, without getting into Novell support, what
do you think about free virtualization, and where should I go?

Also, if it helps, I have one Dell Poweredge 1900 server that will be one of the
two servers, and I will build a new "home-grown" server for the second (my other
current VMWare vSphere server is 32 bit, and needs to be replaced). The 1900 is
currently running VMWare Server 2.0 because I CANNOT get vSphere to load on it.
It's probably going to take some hardware replacements there to make it work.
I'm cheap and if I'm going to put out money, I'd rather it be on my second
server and storage. Of course, I haven't updated the bios on my PERC controller
in that server yet, which has been suggested might fix the entire vSphere issue.


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