OES2/SLES10 SP2, Client 4.91 SP5 (file caching set to off) on WIN XP
SP3--Just started receiving this error a few days ago on one particular
application when attemting to read a file from the network, can replicate
this on other workstations so it is not workstation dependent. The
application has been in use for a very long time without any issues. The
issue appears often, but repeated attempts to open the file will sometimes
be successful, perhaps one out of every 7-8 tries will work. Copy the file
to the local workstation drive and can open the file repeatedly with no
problems whatsoever. Copy the file to another windows machine on the
network, can open the file across the wire with no problems whatsoever. The
most recent update to any piece of the puzzle was the application of the
January maintenence pak for the server via online update. Anyone else
experience this error? Any ideas where to look or what to test would be