Hi All

I have a problem with VPN - Client to site thru a Dlink Cable modem

Server Setup - NW 5 - BM 3.6 sp2a

Client: Win2k 4.83 sp1, VPN Client 3.6 or 3.7sp2

Firstly, if I connect through a modem, (I also tried another site
directly into the ADSL connection, I had no problems.

If I connect from home through an DLINK router, with NAT enabled, I
establish a connection. NWADMIN reports a connection (Unknown Type
65536 (0x260192)) I can see transmitted encrypted packets, but don't
recieve encrypted packets.

I have tried the MTU changes without success.

Obviously, as I can VPN connect from alternate sites the VPN config is

more or less there.

Has anyone got any idea about what I can check with the router etc.


Mark Casey
Pegasus Technology Pty Ltd