We have single GW Domain and PO. I need to upgrade and move my currnet
GW 704 running on Netware 6.5 under an old eDir Tree to GW 802 on
Windows 2003 with a new eDir Tree (i.e. "Tree-Old, GW702, Netware" to
"Tree-New, GW802, Windows 2003"). I can't find any document 100% match
what I'm going to do. However, by combining different documents, I come
up with a procedure and would like to see if any expert here can confirm
that my plan will work, please.

1. Install Windows 2003 with new IP, eDir 8.8 SP6 (32bit) & create new
eDir Tree, ConsoleOne and Novell Client to a new box
2. dbcopy /m /d <gw domain dir on NW> <gw domain dir on Win>
3. dbcopy /m /p /f <gw PO dir on NW> <gw PO dir on Win)
4. Run the GroupWise 704 installation on Windows box (not sure if I
should install GW 802 directly at this point or upgrade to GW 802 later)
5. Extend the NDS Schema
6. Select only "Administration files" to install
7. Start ConsoleOne and connect to GW directory on Windows box (the new
8. Select "Graft GroupWise Objects" and create users to match the gw
9. After Graft, goto every GW object's properties and change all
directory/UNC path and IP to the new location
10. Install GW 704 agents including MTA, POA, gwia and webaccess to the
Windows box(again not sure if I can install GW 802 directly here)
11. Start all agents one by one and confirm no error
12. Wait until off peak time, shut down all agents on both new and old
GW servers.
13. dbcopy /m /p /s <gw PO dir on NW> <gw PO dir on Win> (I assume that
I don't have to copy the domain database again)
14. Start up all GW agents on Windows box
15. Change DNS record which was pointing to old GW server to point to
the new one.
16. Test if all good, shut down all GW agents on new server and upgrade
to GW 802
17. done and smile

Thanks very much,