I have a nw5.1sp6 server with bm36sp2 installed. (I use dynamic NAT
and NAT
implicit filtering = enabled)
I am trying to set up client to site vpn access from my home (WINDOWS
Novell client 4.93 sp2 VPN client 3.7).

Here is my error -
When I try to login the following events occur

1.) It authenticates
2.) Enable IP encryption
3.) Then it starts performing netware login and gives me an error that
cant find the tree or server

If I try to connect with "login to netware" unchecked then it goes
the above steps and then says connection setup is complete. When i try
login with the Red N i have the same problem. In nwadmin it shows a
connection for my machine.
I also can't ping my server internal (public) ip number.
please help