All attempts to connect to VPN from WinXP or 98 clients now return
processing encrypted network packet. Server VPN tunnel is not loaded
server is not resynchronized."

Just swapped out our switch to a gigabit unit and replaced the NICs in
our BM and SBS FileServer with Intel Pro/1000 MTs, driver version 7.5.
servers are NW6.02, BM is 3.7SP1, and both servers show a good
connection at
1,000Mb/s full duplex. Time is synced. Ran DSRepair on both servers.
kept copies of all the original netinfo.cfg, tcpip.cfg, resolv.cfg,
etc. files and can't see any glaring errors between the new and the
old. I
went through all the settings in inetcfg on both servers again and
see any errors. The connection to the public nic does not go through
switch. All VPN services were working fine before the nic upgrade.

The swap of cards went without problems, re-bound the original IP
to the new cards, etc., but now I see the following messages even
several reboots:

On the BM server from Logger.txt:

Loading module AUTHGW.NLM

A secured Novell Internet Proxy Server module has been loaded Time : 8-15-2003 10:03:56 am
Service : Netware Operating System
NetWare VPN Authentication Gateway
Version 4.60g November 19, 2001
Copyright 1997-2001 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Portions Copyright 1986-1995, RSA Data Security, Inc.

8-15-2003 10:03:56 am: NBMALERT-1.05a-93001C [NBMAlert] Major
Error! Could not open a connection to IP

8-15-2003 10:03:56 am: NBMALERT-1.05a-930020 [NBMAlert] Major
Error! Failed to send email using email server
Trying the
next configured email server. Code=-105

8-15-2003 10:03:56 am: NBMALERT-1.05a-93001E [NBMAlert] Major
Error! Failed to contact any of the configured email servers.

8-15-2003 10:03:56 am: NBMALERT-1.05a-930004 [NBMAlert] Major
Error! Could not generate an Email notification for Alert ID

The FileServer is on, the BM server on
and (public). Normal internet access works fine.

I renamed the new board in the BM server to "PRIVATE" since it
replaced that
adapter. I did not swap out the "PUBLIC" card. On the FileServer, NW
the new card CE1000_1, so I left it at that. The card it replaced was

CE100_1. Could renaming the board back to the old name possibly fix
problems? SLP seems to be working properly, and the DA status shows
up and
running as well.

The part that leads me to think its a card/name resolution issue is
the "IP
address=100A8C0, Code=-11". What does this mean? Is the IP address
in BM as some kind of hardware address? This is very frustrating.
to anyone who can help.

Greg Obermier
System Administrator