I'm looking for ideas in creating an uninstallation bundle for a old eFax client which my company is replacing with a new vendor. The original client was manually installed from an executable, was installed to our base image, and installs 2 applications to the add/remove programs.

I attempted to use the snapshot method of bundle creation to take the snapshot with the two applications installed, uninstall them, then take the followup snapshot. This did not work, the created MSI ran but the GroupWise plugin and applications were still there.

I can't find any related uninstall files outside of the add/remove programs list. It isn't too much of a hassle if I had to run to all of the systems to uninstall the old program, but I was wondering if someone had a way to remove it remotely. FYI- it is Esker Fax 4.0 if that is any help. Thanks!