I am in the process of migrating to a virtualized NetWare 6.5 SP8 server. For the past couple of weeks, I have been running my old/physical and new/virtualized servers in the same tree. I've been doing things like making print queues on the new server and re-configuring my JetDirects to service the new queues, re-licensing software for the new server, and so on.

Yesterday, I moved my user objects from the old server to an OU under the new server whose login script maps users' drives off of the new server. I used a 30 day demo version of some software called TaskMaster to copy my data from server to server and to keep it synched during the transition.

TaskMaster did what it was supposed to in terms of copying the trustee and ownership information for the files and folders. Unfortunately, it placed an inherited rights filter on literally every folder and sub-folder that it created. There are now tens of thousands of folders on my server with inherited rights filters blocking everything except 'S'. I probably screwed up a switch with the TaskMaster NLM to cause this, but that doesn't matter for me now. I've got about 150 users and roughly 200 GB of data. Re-copying isn't really an option for me.

I spent yesterday giving all of my users 'S' rights to their own home folders to get around the filters. For our APPS folder, that wasn't an option because my users have 'RF' rights, and I am unwilling to give them more rights than that. I went though that folder yesterday and this morning removing the inherited rights filters. In some cases, a folder had so many sub-folders that I just did a mass select in Windows and explicitly added the same trustees to folders that their parent folders had. From a sysadmin perspective, it's hideously ugly, but it everything seems to be working.

My question is, is there a tool that can do a recursive removal of all inherited rights filters? There were probably no more than a dozen inherited rights filters on the old server, and they were all mine.