I am having an issue with ZCM Agent causing an intruder lockout when a users has multiple log ins.

Background: The ability to log in with a single log in count was lost by a couple of our students. We've all experienced this with the Novell client. So I upped their log in count to 2. Now they can log into the network. Here is the thing. When a workstation with the 10.3.2.xxx ZCM client sees these users, it causes an intruder lockout.

I've been able to verify this with an other account. I gave a test user 2 log ins. The first time I used his log in it worked fine, connected to eDir and the realm. The second time I logged in (first time still connected) the realm log in screen appeared. When I typed the users password in to the client and tried to authenticate I received the "unable to log into the network because the log in credentials..." error. Checking the user, he had an intruder lockout.

A few years back you could use dsbrowse with a special flag to browse the tree and edit attributes, I would use it to clear a user's log in count. I've heard the flag has been remove to protect us from ourselves.

Does anyone know of another work around for this issue?

Thanks wholeheartedly for your help.