Hi again!
Well, another set of problems after 10.3.2! Today on two machines I saw a' lot (hundreds) of errors:
Error: [3/3/11 2:15:47 PM] Bundle Bundle.ItemCreationError Bundle.ItemCreationError{7dcfb9a95e315b62f3a9e96ef f7cab3b;Object reference not set to an instance of an object.;at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.IsAppInsta lled()
at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.SetInitial Status(Boolean finished)
at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.UpdateAppD ata(Session session, AppData appData)
at Novell.Zenworks}
With 10.3.1 I started feel confident about ZCM and ... now with 10.3.2 too many problems. Certainly I hope this is something I caused, but ... can't imagine what.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.