Hi folks,

We are planning to deploy to over 4000 machines using the discovery and deployment method from ZCM 10.3. We did a test recently on a subnet to see results.

Whilst many machines worked perfectly, there were the odd machine that had a problem.
It seems that the agent deployed to the machine OK, but the machine did not get registered - it is "unmanaged". It also missed the post-deployment tasks.

We suspect this is because the user performed a reboot before all work was completed.

When we attempt to redeploy to the machines, we get the error "ZENworks Adaptive Agent already exists on the device".

Since we need to consider this issue happening on many machines across multiple sites, what is the best way to make sure that the PCs that have the agent, but are unmanged, become managed? We could of course go around manually using ZAC REG commands, but this could get out of hand depending on the amount of PC's.

I would hope there is some mechanism that could register the PCs from ZCM?
I hope that I wont have to export the list of machines that had errors and feed them into a script that would invoke a PSEXEC command to run ZAC REG. It can be done, but I would hope ZCM would have a process to deal with this?