I have one new user who finds his Groupwise Windows client automatically logs in, without prompting for a password, after he has logged in to the Netware Client once. This happens on whatever PC he uses. The use eDirectory is not checked and as far as I can see his client settings are identical to everyone else. Even if he logs off the network, the Groupwise client automatically logs in.

For example my machine always prompts me for a password. If I login to Netware as this user and then login to Groupwise it doesn't prompt me for a password. Even if I logout of Netware and then login again as me, restarting Groupwise automatically logs in as this new user.

HOWEVER he cannot log in to Webaccess. The Agent reports Incorrect password although it is definitely the correct password.

Any clues?

I have run repairs on Groupwise and get this error Error 16- User a does not exist on this Post Office even after running with Fix. Is this related?