Hey All,

Just had one of our Desktop Support folks attempt to register a Windows 7 SP1 machine with our ZCM 10.3.0 server.

This failed with the following error message:
Unable to register with the server at: http://zcm2.ipfw.edu.
Service Error. code: -21, message: Could not determine device type from <OS>
tag: unsupported

I've seen a forum post which suggests that there may be a patch for ZCM 10.3.2 in order to support registration of Windows 7 SP1 clients, however we have not yet upgraded to 10.3.2, and may in fact wait until 10.3.3 or even 11.x.

Do I simply need to modify the ostargets.xml file with the new build number (6.1.7601), or is there something more?

How can I support registration of Windows 7 SP1 clients on 10.3.0?

Thank You,

Jacob Pitcher