I have a NetWare 5.1 server running BM 3.6 with VPN services
configured. I am using a Windows XP system, so I've been told I have
to use an IP only configuration - no IPX. I am also connecting via a
cable modem. I can connect to the BM server fine, I can ping the
internal IP of the BM server and all other servers in that office.
But, when I try to ping servers in another office, I cannot (WAN
connected via Private Lines using Cisco routers). I can login as a
user in the office that I am connecting to. Logged in - I can see the
entire tree but cannot browse to specific servers in other offices. I
cannot get drive mappings or ping other servers in different offices.
I read this post and I think it explains what is happening:

"Ok, let's concentrate on the internal server (the private IP of BM is
a special
Make sure that the def. gateway of these servers is the private IP of
the BM
server (procided they are in the same subnet). In other words, the BM
must be the "way" through which the other servers would access the
internet. If
there is another Internet connection on your system and the packets go
there, the VPN will not work."

In my case, each office has its own Internet T1 Connection and each of
their respective servers go out their own Internet connection. I was
wanting to only use one VPN server and route everyone through it. Is
that possible? I do have a BM server in one of the other offices
where I could set up another VPN server to service that specific
office but I also have another location that is is using a different
firewall solution so I could not setup a site specific VPN server for

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!