aloha all, I don't know if this is a VPN or SLP issue, if my
description of
the problem says to you "SLP" I'll go to the server forum.

dialing up to a dedicated cisco access server authenticating radius to
bm3.6sp2a server [netware5.1sp5]. the problem only happens with dial
up and
only about 50 percent of the time, broadband users work fine. it
matter whether we're using the 3.6 or 3.7 VPN client. the bm server
is our
slpda server configged with a named scope, display slp services
nwserver and bindery lines for the target server.

this is the symptom[s]: once auth'd for VPN the Netware script windowappears, says we're attached to the BM box then tries to locate and
to the default server entered in the user object but fails to locate
server with an 8884 error. the ensuing drive mappings to the server
with the same error. if i blank the default server in the user object
map process still fails, we just skip the initial 'couldn't locate
message in the script window. i changed the script map commands to
use' commands and it works [the target server is netware6 with cifs].
if the user dials up vpn without logging in to netware and waits a few

minutes, they do successfully locate their default server. that's why
think SLP is part of the problem and maybe or maybe not the answer.
that's why i'm here, looking for another point of view.

am i making sense? does this suggest anything to you that i can

many, many thanks in advance,