Hi Forum,

Mar  3 17:44:58 $HOSTNAME kernel: gwpoa[22286]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 00000000f74a876f rsp 00000000f3ae9be0 error 4
Is there any chance to find the cause? This line is out of the messages protocol. I didn't find anything interesting in the POA log file (normal logging... changed it to verbose;)).
FYI: This server runs 7 POA's

SLES10SP3 with OES2SP2 and GW802HP1
I know... HP2 is out, but i read some posts that several admins experienced problems with HP2.... I'm not sure to update to HP2 or wait for 803..... Or let it run on HP1. Until now it seems to be one of the most stable version in our environment.

Anyway, there is nearly no chance to find the reason for the seg. fault, or what do you think?