Hi folks.

We have a WOL bundle created as per the ZCM recommendations (ZDM 7 had WOL Policies; this is not available in ZCM 10.3, so Novell recommend creating an empty bundle with a distribution schedule set with WOL).

This has been working fine, until recently - all out managed machines would switch on as expected in the mornings, but now nothing is switching on.

Nothing has changed on our side - the bundle is still active and has all the original schedule settings. The clients still have WOL settings correct in the BIOS. The machines are shutdown correctly.

If I create a new WOL task, or manually trigger a WOL action to a specific machine, then it still works as expected. It is only the original bundle that no longer works.

I am going to create a new bundle which is annoying (need to ZMAN export relationships as there are a LOT of different schedules for each lab), but this should get us up and running in the mean time. However, I would like to know why this happened - any hints of where to look? Server zcc.logs show nothing, but perhaps I am looking in the wrong log. I would like to find something that says "attempted to wol, but failed because...".

Any advice?