Hello, I have run in to quite the problem with ZCM 11. I have a test enviroment up running Windows 2008 active directory and have a ZCM 11 server running as well. my problem is when I go to add new workstations to the ZCM 11 server I have a problem with login.

It is a Windows XP machine fully patched, I have not added the workstation to the domain yet, it is just a standard XP load. When I start the ZCM 11 client install it all looks fine, it asks for the reboot, after the reboot the Zenworks window comes up saying it is finishing the install and to please wait, it then reboots. When back at the windows login I login with a local account, that also is a account in the AD. The system waits for quite some time and then the Zenworks login window comes up. Nothing I type in here will work, no account in the AD will get past this Zenworks login, even the logins used to login to the ZCM server.

If I cancel the desktop comes right up. I found I am able to use ZAC and un register and re-register the machine fine, and it shows up in ZCM correctly, it just will not allow a login. I have rebooted many times, I have tried multiple systems, multiple OS loads. I tried to add the system to the domain first and them load ZCM and that just really messed up the domain settings on the workstation.

Anyone have any ideas why this is not working and how to get it working?

Thank you for your time