Since the update channel for OES is defunct, we need (want) to find a way to update new installs.

We wish to closely duplicate production and practice upgrading to OES2, edir88, blah.

Copying /var/cache/rcd/patch_data (only) from a relatively recently patched OES1 server tells me, via rug or red-carpet, that these are installed (i) or, no patches available. Not expected. RPM tells me the package is not installed, for those I checked. Which I would expect.

I'd rather not manually install the rpm's, based on the apparent download dates, but don't have a clue how to cajole rug or red-carpet into accepting the files as install candidates.

It would be easier (almost) to rebuild using dd from an existing server (imagey kinda thing) and then hacking/reconfig the result. Ugh.

I know, oes2 updates seem to be pretty smooth, but, the more warm fuzzy's, the better.

joe a.